Time Flies: Lynda Gaudreau Installation

Vienna (AT) / Design for video and sound installation by Lynda Gaudreau, Compagnie de Brune, Montréal / Installation, lighting / 2005


Time Flies: Lynda Gaudreau Installation




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Vienna (AT)


The Time Flies video and sound installation was presented on 26 June 2004 in Vienna, in the context of Wo sind wir, wenn wir reisen?* (*Paul Virilio) 5 KünstlerExpeditionen and 5 Samstagen, a series of five projects on the theme of travel commissioned by TanzQuartier Wien to five different artists. For this installation, Lynda Gaudreau commissioned original material from ten artists and collaborators of diverse backgrounds: Cristian Duarte, Matteo Fargion, Federico Ferrari, João Fiadeiro, Davis Freeman, Francisco López, Lilia Mestre, Christof Migone, Barbara Raes and Alexandre St-Onge.

“I was invited by TanzQuartier Wien to create a project for its 2004 Factory Season, and I in turn invited ten artists from different cities around the world (Brussels, Montreal, Lisbon, Ghent, São Paulo, London, Madrid, Milan) to join me in this project. Sending out a letter to each of these artists, I asked them to send in video or sound material. This project was very informal. Simply, what I was looking for was time: busy time, moments of spare time or idleness, time in between two things, moments of transition, of moving from one place to another, moments of everyday life, ordinary moments of no importance, random moments during which unexpected things might occur, moments when one is getting ready to do something… I gave each artist a very specific two-hour time slot, between 7 o clock in the morning and 3 o clock at night, from which to capture a brief, five-minute moment of their lives. I made an installation out of this material that occupied three small rooms in TanzQuartier Wien, each room corresponding to a given moment of the day – morning, afternoon and evening. Pierre Jorge Gonzalez assisted me in laying out and organizing the material I received. I would like to thank the artists, whom have all agreed to take part in the project. I would also like to thank Sigrid Gareis, fishy, Silke Bake, Martina Hochmuth and Gurur Ertem for their help in realizing this project, as well as my Montreal collaborators.”

Lynda Gaudreau biography: Active on the choreographic scene since 1991, and on the international scene the following year, Lynda Gaudreau founded the Compagnie De Brune in 1992. Her work, in which research plays a central role, brings the spectator into a creative approach infused with many different levels. From 1992 to 1997, the Klapstuk in Leuven, Belgium, was the artist’s special partner in Europe. Three works sprang from this association in the Flemish city: Construction in 1993, Anatomie in 1995 and Still Life No 1 in 1997. Since 1999, Gaudreau’s contemporary artistic expression has found an outlet in a large-scale project. Encyclopoedia, a unique choreographic work of several chapters, has already spawned four works: Document 1 (1999), Document 2 (2000), Compilation (2001) and Document 3 (2002). The result of a process in which emotion was deliberately extracted in favour of a view of the body as bare, raw gesture, these works all revolve around the notion of the encyclopedia. Using the celebrated work of Diderot and d’Alembert as a starting point, Lynda Gaudreau casts an arbitrary and personal look at human activity and thought. By calling upon artists of various disciplines, the project takes the form of a collage: a process involving addition, subtraction, juxtaposition, superimposition and analysis of the various components. The first public laboratory on Document 4, the next instalment in the series, will be carried out in Munich in July 2004, and will be followed by the premiere at the Vooruit Arts Centre (Ghent) in 2005. Lynda Gaudreau is also currently developing a new solo for the 2005-2006 season. Lynda Gaudreau has executed commissions for such groups as the Batsheva Dance Company of Israel (100 mouvements, 1997). She is also frequently invited to give courses and lectures in Canada, Brazil, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Spain and at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. In 2003, Montreal’s Festival international de nouvelle dance chose Lynda Gaudreau as guest curator for its 11th edition. She selected choreographers Meg Stuart and Jonathan Burrows for the event, in addition to developing a public laboratory entitled Lucky bastard, a series of evenings of performances and improvisations that involved more than thirty Montreal artists. A second production of Lucky bastard was also presented in Ajaccio (Corsica) in May 2004.

TIME FLIES @ NOTTDANCE Nottingham / Nottdance festival, Lakeside Arts Centre / 2005


Photographs: eSeL, Wien