Kopernik Penthouse and Glass Pavilion

Moscow (RU) / Architecture and furniture design for a 1,100 m² penthouse and terraces built over four levels, located on top of a tower in central Moscow /


Kopernik Penthouse and Glass Pavilion

Project 2008 - 2009


Buildings, Design, Lighting, Residential

Moscow (RU)


Penthouse Kopernik can be read as one continuous space with its functions organized or zoned on each level.
The design of the Penthouse is structured vertically as a timeline. The higher the floor, the more contemporary the material choices, furniture references, and spatial concept becomes. The Glass Pavilion on the top floor is a highly contemporary, crystalline light box. It is a space of transparency and openness, where the outside can pour in.
The corridor on the second floor, the staircase, the elevator, and part of the terrace and glass pavilion, has a radical approach, which can be seen mainly in the light effects.
The fourth floors are connected vertically with a sculptural nickel staircase and an elevator that offer the chance to cross the floors and feel the different light effects– the higher the floor, the lighter and brighter the conditions will become.
In addition to being quotes of renowned designers, the furniture is stratified into time-zones. The furniture in the first floor are pieces from the 1930’s and 40’s. The second and third floors cover a wider time-period, from the 1950’s to the 1990’s. Finally, the fourth floor is contemporary, referencing work from living designers.


Images: Gonzalez Haase AAS