ENSAD @ Manufacture des Œillets Exhibition

Paris (FR) / An exhibition by students of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, at the Manufacture des Œillet, Ivry. Assistance from Kataline Patkaï, graphic design by Frédéric Teschner / Exhibition design, lighting, graphic design / 1999


ENSAD @ Manufacture des Œillets Exhibition



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Paris (FR)


This exhibition design for the annual show of the art school ENSAD exploits a former industrial building, now converted to a multi-functional space/theater and art gallery. Tables 15m long with a brightly colored surface constitute the supports for the objects. Each table represents a different department of the art school. In the art gallery, a large vellum diffuses an oblique and warm light that combines with warm florescent tubes. Cold light streaming from the zenithal openings are superimposed onto florescent tubes suspended in the mezzanine. This composite of light creates a floating vellum between the two exhibition floors. Figure numbers open and close the exhibition segments and also direct the circuit of the visitor in relation to the colors.


Photographs: Gonzalez Haase AAS