Children's Daycare Center

Bremen (DE) / Urban planning, architecture and design for the Neubau Kindertagesstätte der Universität Bremen daycare centre / Architecture, competition invitation / 2003


Children's Daycare Center




Bremen (DE)


This project was by invitation of the City of Bremen to participate in an architecture competition for the conception of two children´s Kindergarten institutions on the same proposed site. The plan consists of a 1200 m² two-storey wooden building.

Light was used as the fundamental element in the design. The façade is a wood louver cladding system which functions like the skin. Each louvered opening is digitally measured and cut by computer to control the amount of light transmission, dependant on the inner function. Three different garden spaces and the entrance area are defined by the two L-shaped building footprints. The two buildings are connected through a common wooden deck with the possibility of combining two separate multipurpose spaces.

The children´s gathering spaces have been designed as autonomous apartments. There is a special room in each apartment called a “dream corner” — a somewhat isolated space offering each child a special intimate space with a view to the garden.

Engineers: Döhren Sabotke Triebold & Partner, Bruns & Partner
Landscaping: Atelier Schreckenberg & Partner, Bremen, Berlin
Invited artist: Frédéric Teschner