AM2: Andreas Murkudis

Berlin (DE) / Conversion of a typical Berlin space to create the fashion and design store AM2 by Andreas Murkudis / Architecture, lighting, furniture design / 2003


AM2: Andreas Murkudis


Andreas Murkudis


Design, Lighting, Retail / Commercial

Berlin (DE)


The Andreas Murkudis Store, in a hidden Berliner courtyard, represents to a certain degree a new approach in how to design a commercial space. In this fashion and design store, the visitor meets an environment that is functional, as well as dedicated to a formal process, making the end product – the store – more or less transcend the borders between architecture, scenography and visual art. This space integrates colour, rhythm, organisation and function, through a set of meticulously chosen tools. The monochrome, standardised cyan blue serves to accentuate the monumental qualities of the furniture. The furniture appears as minimalist objects against a backdrop of neutral white, as if we were in a gallery space and not clothes shop. These aspects are further stressed by the arrangement of light, as well as other logistic elements. No electrical or technical elements can be seen. Nothing interrupts the view of the visitor. The gaze follows the clear and fundamental lines of the furniture, it partakes in the finely tuned rhythm of opaque, transparent, and reflecting surfaces, and it may be immersed by the big blue, as if it was light itself.


Photographs: Thomas Meyer – Ostkreuz