MDC Melanie Dal Canton Cosmetic

Berlin (DE) / Design for a concept store created by Melanie Dal Canton / Architecture, lighting, furniture / September 2012


MDC Melanie Dal Canton Cosmetic

September 2012

Knaackstrasse 26, 10405 Berlin, Germany


Retail / Commercial

Berlin (DE)


A layered shop space
AAS is working with the architectonic of the existing space. The room is a long extruded rectangle with a high ceiling and two different floor levels with a height difference of 1.3 m. The natural light comes just from the two short sides. The shop is constructed based on the before mentioned attributes.

Entering the shop space, the long perspective view is underlined through the use of repetitive frame openings.

Gonzalez Haase created a series of buffer spaces within stepped up platforms. The steps are hidden in the thickness of the frames. The visitor experiences the space by moving up into the shops depths, gradually discovering the different products.

A prominent thought for the shop architecture was to frame and isolate the contained objects on display. When the public enters into the space and light, as they approach, their attention will be directed toward the objects for sale.

The design designates long slices of the floor plan to separate programs, creating with a linear compilation a space that is literally layered from one end to the other.

The light filters through the complexity of the framed zones recalling the historical effect “sfumato”.

The light is an important element and is not just lighting the goods but the space. Also, the frame acts as a volumetric layer that diffuses the light.

The element of layers becomes a motif for the shop and its skin care products, and the body and its layers of skin. The skin and products for the skin to filter the UV light – the frames filter the natural light – the stepped up space develops more intimate light scenes – the light dims down until the last treatment room, the most intimate space.


Photographs: Mirko Zander