The Corner

Berlin (DE) / Design for a 650 m² luxury fashion store featuring a restaurant and bookshop, with wall tiles by Frederic Teschner / Architecture, lighting, furniture / 2006


The Corner


Wall tiles: Frederic Teschner, Paris


Retail / Commercial

Berlin (DE)


The Corner Berlin is located at the prestigious Gendarmenmarkt, in the very centre of Berlin. The concept store has an interior characterised by a design that stands out against the surrounding neo-classical architecture. In order to maximize the spatial impact, the room has not been divided – the different functions are instead articulated by monumental elements, between furniture and walls, creating different levels and trajectories. Rough granite stones, reminiscent of street pavement, have been used for the floor in the main hall. Business areas located on shifting elevations have been interconnected by ramps and stairs in such a way that the flow of light and movement is not interrupted. Recalling classic paintings, the colour scheme of screens and counters repeats this floating aspect: it starts in a sepia-tone close to the entrance and dissolves into a tone of pure white deeper inside the building. Contrary to the usual megastore, natural light was not hidden. The space is installed in a corner of a building, and follows two perpendicular streets. Along both the façades, large glass openings permit light to enter the space and create a clear view from exterior to interior. The artificial light emanates from the ceiling, where meandering rows of light bulbs give an impression of a shining string of pearls. Gonzalez Haase has invited the designer Frédéric Teschner, known for his works at Centre Pompidou, Paris, to create a mosaic for the lavatories of The Corner Berlin, inspired by ancient Pompeii. Unfortunately, the shop has been modified and the quality of the design has been partially lost.


Photographs: Thomas Meyer – Ostkreuz